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Great performance from Heptonstall Pantomime Group, with some wonderful lines – particularly from the Joker.  Everyone had a great time, & the club’s looking better than ever. And it all happens again tomorrow . . . . . twice.

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Heptonstall Pantomime Group will be performing that well known panto, “Batman & Robin” (oh yes, they will) on:- Friday 25th Nov at 19.30 Saturday 26th Nov at 14.30 and 19.30 Tickets are £3 for children and £5 for adults,  available … purchase clomid pct

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Friday’s Family Bonfire Night was very well supported by the community, who all enjoyed one of the best firework displays in years. A big thankyou to Calderdale Council for a grant, which helped fund the event – including professional security … cheap clomid tablets uk

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