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Mon 25th July – Hebden ‘B’, starting 7:00pm Wed 27th July – Hebden Vets, starting 1:30pm Wed 27th July – Halifax League, starting 6:45pm Thu 28th July – Brighouse League – Ladies, starting 7:00pm Mon 1st August – Hebden ‘A’, … where can i purchase clomid

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HSBC would like to congratulate Mr and Mrs Dixon on their wedding day on Saturday. The committee hopes everyone had a wonderful time at the reception in the club.

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Up to now, the event calendar was displayed in a separate tab, and didn’t display on mobile devices. The new Calendar page aims to display all booked events. On mobiles, it displays an ‘Agenda’ view, ie a list. It’s been … cheap clomid tablets uk

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Tea Dance with the Swing Cats Trio, 2 – 5pm on Sunday 31st July. Entrance £7.50. Tea/ coffee & cakes available.

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Revolution Reggae Dance Party, starting 8:30pm on Friday 22nd July. Admission Free. DJ – SambaMan. British & Jamaican reggae, old skool classics & modern, ska, 2-tone, dub, dance hall, digital, political,  Bhangra reggae. We are the 99%. Stand up for … buy clomid online usa

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Thu 7th July – Brighouse League – Ladies, starting 7:00pm Mon 11th July – Hebden ‘B’, starting 7:00pm Wed 13th July – Halifax League, starting 6:45pm Thu 14th July – Brighouse League – Ladies, starting 7:00pm Not playing? The bar’s … buy clomid online in south africa

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