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Wed 29th June – Halifax League, starting 6:45pm Wed 6th July – Hebden Vets, starting 1:30pm Not playing? The bar’s open – why not come along for a beer and relax in the sun?

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HSBC would like to congratulate Mrs and Mrs Kennedy on their wedding day. A wonderful time was had by all, and topped off with a fun night down at the Bowling Club.

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The next few home matches include:- Sun 12th June – Hebden Handicap Pairs, starting 11am Mon 13th June – Hebden B Bowling Team, starting 7pm Tues 14th June – Sowerby League, starting 7pm Wed 15th June – Halifax League, starting … cheap clomid and nolvadex

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New event calendar opens in new tab, displaying regular events, home bowling matches & some public functions. It doesn’t seem to work from a smartphone yet – not sure why, but we’ll work on it . . .

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